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TigerFishingZambezi is an owner run specialized fishing operator headed up by raised Zambian, Chris Wood. Chris has over 35 years fishing, adventure and safari experience along the entire Zambezi River and surrounding areas. In 2005 we set out to put together a collection of Zambezi fishing lodges that offered our clients a combination of easy logistics, comfort, great food and the perfect fishing locations. Boats and guides have to make the grade and we have 2 client to a boat rule to avoid overcrowding.

Chris Wood owner and guide

" We offer our clients a combination of easy logistics, comfort, great food and the perfect fishing locations "
- Chris Wood

Owner And Guide

Our Mission

The mission is to get you to the best tiger fishing spots on the Zambezi as easily and as cost effectively as we can. We engage with our clients to ensure that the right property is matched to the right angler. We will also ensure that any add-ons such as traditional or adventure safari’s can be planned and executed in our usual professional manner. Make your “once in a lifetime” Zambezi tiger fishing trip our responsibility. 

The Lodges

Each of the properties we represent has been carefully selected by TigerFishingZambezi to ensure that our clients get onto big fish and that each tiger fishing adventure exceeds expectations.

We have put together a collection of tiger fishing lodges that offer a combination of easy logistics, comfort, great food and the perfect locations. Boats and skippers have to make the grade and we have 2 clients to a boat rule to avoid overcrowding.

We work closely with our selected lodges to ensure that the packages we offer to our clients are affordable and offer value for money. All packages can be taken with or without flights, we get great airfares due to the flight business we place as a group. The volume of business we send to the lodges enables us to negotiate competitive rates that we pass over to you the angler; it’s what we do.

The Zambezi River

The mighty Zambezi River has become the number one destination for avid fresh water anglers to “take on” the ferocious tiger fish (Hydrocynus Vittatus). From its source in Zambia to the Indian Ocean Sea, the Zambezi River spans 1 599 miles (2 574kms) and touches the following countries: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola. 

Along its course, the river evolves from a trickling spring to a massive span that has created some of the world’s most magnificent water features such as Victoria Falls, Sioma Falls and the lakes, Kariba and Cahora Bassa.

Read about our insights on where and when to fish the Zambezi River.

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