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Changa is located close to the western boundary of the Matusadona National park, a key fishing location allowing the discerning fisherman to target a variety of species using different fishing techniques. With quick access to the Sanyati Gorge, Spurwing Island, Gache Gache River etc. the lodge doesn’t run out of options for the keen fisherman/woman. The species found include but are not limited to cornish jack, various types of bream, squeakers and of course the most sought after species being the African tigerfish – the most ferocious freshwater game fish in the world. You will be fishing in the same area where tigerfish are caught in excess of 20lb! There are also bream farms close to Changa, which is fairly new in thinking to target tigerfish that patrol these pens… but please check with the locals as we believe a 100m distance is required. The fishing itself is a lot more stable than the supporting Zambezi river system which is dependent on water levels, Kariba provides fishing all year round.

Catching Tigers
When specifically targeting the tigerfish, the techniques that can be used are wider than the local trolling methods to both fly and spinning. When fly fishing, a nine weight fly rod with matching sinking fly line is best. As water clarity isn’t always optimal (and doesn’t have to be) short 30lb mono leaders are best matched. Both brush and clouser tiger flies work very well with the chartreuse for the mornings and the reds for the evenings. I find orange a good go-to colour for all day use with silver flash.
When spinning for tigers, the spinners seem to work better than the spoons. The beaded Mepps spinners are quite effective with the same colour selection for fly fishing re mornings/evenings. Spinning rod selection is geared towards a medium to heavy Shimano rod of 7 foot matched with a reel holding at least 30lb line. I prefer the Shimano Stradic 4000 because of the smooth drag system required to deal with the quick bursting runs from tigers. The line selection is a preference of braid with 50cm of shock leader to ensure higher hook up rates (the standard guide is to land 3 of 10 tigers which strike). These spinners are also used in trolling over the traditional Rapala lures, often with a piece of bait stuck on the end of the hook. To further increase hook-ups, single hooks are vastly preferred over trebles (and are more humane for the fish). Ensure quality (Gamakatsu, VMC, Mustad) large gape hooks are used with sizes in excess of 5/0.
Supporting gear is a Boga-Grip and long nose pliers in order to remove the hook from the tigers mouth quickly and the Boga to aerate the fish before being released.
The fishing at Changa is enhanced by the abundance of local wildlife. While casting a line at a tiger fish you may also see elephants, hippos, antelope and lions not to mention hearing the call of African Fish Eagles. This is the why fishing at a Kariba Lodge has some benefits over lodges on the upper Zambezi that focus mainly or only on the fishing. At Changa, we offer the bush with tigers!.
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Kariba Gear suggestions

Fly rod: Nine weight fly rod with matching sinking fly line
Flies: B
rush and clouser tiger flies. Chartreuse for the mornings and the reds for the evenings
Spinning rod: 
Shimano Stradic 4000 matched with a reel holding at least 30lb line
Line: braid with 50cm of shock leader
Mepps spinners


TigerFishingZambezi.com in conjunction with Changa and our other service providers, support catch and release. This conservationist approach allows future fisherman to also catch The Big One.

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Go to Changa Safari Lodge

The easiest way to get to Changa is via Harare. We flew Joburg to Harare on Fly Africa and then road transferred to Kariba. To get more fishing time we recommend our guests fly between Harare and Kariba.
The camp is beautiful and if you would like a fishing holiday that a non fishing partner will enjoy then Changa is a great choice. Read more about our Changa fishing package


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Woz On Fly (Warren Koch) has been fishing the Zambezi River system for the last 6 years, an insurance guru by trade, Woz has caught some fine Zambezi tiger specimens on the numerous trips he has done with TigerFishingZambezi. His knowledge and application of fishing strategy is second to none and his deciphering of the “fishing code” to consistently catch is one of Wozza’s greatest attributes.

He can be contacted at: woz.on.fly@gmail.com

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