Fishing adventure at Sidinda

SIDINDA ISLAND LODGE – Zambezi River Gorge, Zimbabwe

There is a window of fishing opportunity that presents itself from August until December in a wild part of the Zambezi River called the “middle Zambezi”. This section of river starts right under the mighty Victoria Falls and ends up at the dam wall that holds back the trillion litres of Kariba Lake water.

Kariba Lake tigers are a more docile type fish that grow fat and tempt many Zimbabweans to attend and contest the annual Kariba Tiger Tournament (or Tiger slaughter as we like to call it). This is not the middle Zambezi we aim our rods at… we at TigerFishingZambezi.Com target the more “athletic” river tigers that are plentiful in around Sidinda Island Lodge.

The lodge lies below Victoria Falls, approx 80kms from our favourite “little water feature”. Dramatic gorge fishing is the main offering and the tiger fish are more river defined, i.e. we call them “tigers with shoulders”.

This remote lodge offers approx 14kms of totally private waters due to a convenient rapid that forms a barrier to other boats wanting to fish the section. The lodge sleeps 8 comfortably and offers flat deck Bass boats for clients wishing to fish either conventionally or on fly. Sidinda is a comfortable hour and a half drive from Victoria Falls Town. Our fly in package includes transfers from Vic Falls Airport in an air conditioned 4x4 or similar.

The lodge itself is very comfortable and well positioned on the Zambezi River. Each en-suite chalet features a stunning river view and all sumptuous meals are taken in the main lodge area. Cell phone reception is limited to a small section of the beach in front of the lodge and guests will need to be on international roaming.

Tiger fishing in Zimbabwe

The rate includes: Accommodation, all meals, guided fishing, laundry and transfers to and from Victoria Falls.

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The following methods are used to tempt the racy tigers of Sidinda:


Sidinda species and the gear:

The fish: Tigerfish, Barbel, Bream, Vundu catfish (huge), electric catfish, Sqeaker, Nkupe & Chessa


Standard bait castings rods or spinning rods for tigers (eg. Shimano Nexave) are ideal for conventional fishing with 9 weights being the Zambezi standard weight for fly, (the avg tiger is 5lbs so a small weight can be attempted). Fly line needs to be matched to the rod with an intermediate line working very well (Sci-Anglers have some good options as does Airflo with the tropic express to handle boat deck temperature and resulting line memory. Boats @ Sidinda Lodge are good for both fly, conventional and trolling.

Flies and Lures

Tiger can be caught by a variety of methods such as fly fishing, trolling, spinning, drifting and bottom fishing and one can also use live bait (or a combination). The small sardine (kapenta) was introduced into Lake Kariba some 10 years ago, on a commercialised basis to provide protein for the population and account for more than half of the tigerfish's diet. An interesting trick is to throw handfuls of them from purchased packets to induce feeding frenzies. Best fishing times coincide with the hot season starting in September through to December

Having fished the Zambezi River extensively at all times of the year, we found the tigers at Sidinda to be extremely hard fighting fish. Fish caught in the 2-3kg bracket fought as hard as the 5kg plus tigers we are used to catching in winter on the upper Zambezi River. This is probably due to the tigers being more lethargic in winter as I have caught hard fighting tigers up on the Barotse during October/November.

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