Why use a Specialised Tour Operator to get you onto a big Tiger?

m_20150926_173820.jpg (61 KB)   One common behaviour pattern we have seen over the years is for clients to try and make contact with the lodge owners directly to make a booking. There is a perceived benefit that the price will be better. Before you get all the info and quotes from an operator and then get hold of the lodge directly think of this:


  1. Lodges and camps rely on us to put “bums in beds” and therefore offer us better rates as we send many 100’s of clients every season; so the nightly rate you get from an operator will never be more and will mostly be less than the rate you can get, plus you’ll have the added benefit of not having to phone another country to make your reservation or make an expensive international transfer to pay for your booking.
  2. We know the right time of the year to fish each particular stretch of the Zambezi River and which method will produce results.
  3. We match our clients fishing needs and expectations versus the amount of money they have to spend on a Zambezi River trip to give you best value for your fishing buck.
  4. We only work with quality lodges that have one thing on their mind - to get you, the client, onto big fish as affordably and professionally as possible. 99% of our lodges do not offer camping. In fact let me be more accurate - 100% of our lodges do not offer camping.
  5. Lodges will not accept Rands; it is not a common currency up on the Zambezi. We absorb all the costs of making a payment to a foreign country as we pay our suppliers in bulk.
  6. The airlines give us the best possible prices on airfares to enable us to make our packages affordable.
  7. We have a proven track record with clients and lodges owners as we have been doing business in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana for 25 years.
  8. We have stayed at all the lodges in our portfolio, slept in the beds, eaten the food, fished on the boats and caught some incredible fish. Some may use the expression -  “a terrible job, but someone’s got to do it”. We do it so you don’t have surprises when you arrive, plus we do it to enhance our knowledge of the area and the fishing. It’s what we do and we share this knowledge with all our clients.
  9. I am happy to meet all our clients at Mia’s, Randburg or Frontiers in Bryanston to discuss and help with any gear purchases. It’s a free service for Jo-burg customers. Phone advice is offered free for all our “rest of SA” customers.
  10. When the proverbial s&*t hits the fan, you have the full support of me and my team to get things sorted. That is called service which means nothing in this day and age until……you don’t get it!